New Home But An Old Table

Tom and I took a big step this fall.  After several years of prayers, searching and dealing with our doubts, we made the move from our family farm to a condo.  This has been on heavy Tom's heart since his cancer diagnosis.  As we went through his treatments, it became clearer to us that we needed to have a home that didn't require  much work and maintenance.  

We were helped in our search by our niece, Karey Mulder.  We looked at many condos the past two years.  We never found exactly what we were looking for.  Several places meet some of our dreams but none met them all -until this August when a condo came on the market in Leisure Creek Condominiums.  We knew immediately that this was the home we were looking for.

We closed on our new home in late August.  Karey had a local artist make us a picture of our farm that we would be leaving.  She presented it to us at the closing.  It hangs proudly in our condo.

Karey giving us a framed picture of the farm

We feel blessed to have a new home that meets so many of our needs.  For example, my dining room table that I inherited from my grandparents fits the new space so well.  

It is a blessing to have family and friends sitting around this table that has seen several generations of family celebrations and meals. My grandmother left the table to me because I had told her I loved the table when I was a little girl. This table was in my grandparent's cabin until one year ago.  I then put it in storage  until I had a spot big enough for it.  We moved it from the Soo in June this year.  But it is a blessing to look over some of the family pictures around the table.

Cousins with Pa Erickson
Kathy Hoath and Don Erickson on left
Tim Hoath, Dave Erickson and Brenda on right
Circa 1962

Here is my mother celebrating her graduation.  She returned to high school as an adult and graduated in 1966.

My mother 1966

Many family meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas were eaten around the table.  There were also special occasions such as this birthday party for Elinor Lawson.
Elinor Lawson 70th Birthday party

 Special occasions such as our daughter's  birthday.

Everyday occasions such as hanging out with the cousins and playing the chord organ.

It is my prayer that the family tradition will continue and that we will celebrate many more ordinary and special occasions around this table.

Our new address is:
6522 Leisure Creek Drive SE
Caledonia, MI 49316


  1. Sounds like a wise move! So happy for you. Change is hard for all of us at our age, but God is all we need no matter where we are. Glad you were able to keep the table in the family - precious memories for sure. Just looking at the pictures reminded me that not all families have those precious memories - you are blessed - be thankful!

    1. Thank you Kathy. We feel very blessed. As I thought about that table, I realized there are many more stories that happened around it. When I brought Tom home from Baptist College for the first time, he joined our family for a Thanksgiving meal around that table.

  2. Love this! I didn't know the history of your table, but it's such a treat to see all the photos from years gone by. Ma would be proud of you carrying on such a tradition of hospitality, and I'm sure she'd be glad you have her table. Is this the same table where Pa used to sit early in the morning and read his Bible when I'd spend the night with you at your grandparents' cabin?


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