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Moving a Barn

We have had a small metal barn in the middle of our property here at the cabin. Tom has had plans to move it for a long time so we would have a spot to build a garage. Well this is the week the job was completed. Here are a series of pictures and a video of the process. It was hard to watch Tom and our neighbor Paul work so hard for so many days. They did all the work from emptying the barn until it was all completed. My brother and brother-in-law came by Monday evening for the actual move. The actual move did not go smoothly because of several factors. The first few feet went smoothly. The guys were able to push the building as shown in the picture below and the video.

It took a whole day to empty the bar and another half-day to build the bracing inside to prevent a collapse when moving.
The contents of the barn were put in the trailer and in our yard.
Tim is doing the site work to make a smooth path.

The move was completed yesterday afternoon. My part was keeping the workers…