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Queen of the Media Center

I am the queen of the Media Center! I survey my kingdom and just look at all the books I have at my disposal. Actually, I'm only the queen for 10 minutes every school day. But I love the time.
I work at Hopkins Middle School. For the first hour of the day, I use the Media Center as my work spot because I share my classroom with the computer teacher. I have to wait for his class to finish before I can get to my official spot. From 8 am to 9 am, I'm working at a computer in the Media Center.
At 8:50 am, the librarian has to lock the Media Center and go to the gym to serve as the locker room teacher since the PE teacher cannot oversee both the girls and boys' locker room. That's when I rise to power. That is when it is all mine.

Because I am in the Media Center, the librarian can leave it open and I am in charge for 10 minutes. There really isn't much traffic at that time so I spend my time just walking around and seeing what the library has to offer.

We are a …