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Cold Comes to Florida

We are staying at Lake Bonnet Village in Avon Park, Florida. The park, which includes RV's, park models and modular houses, has around 400 - 500 residents. Lake Bonnet is home to lots of fish, birds and even some alligators. There is a pair of sandhill cranes which are quite tame and come up into the park to eat at bird feeders early every morning. I observed them up close while out on a run this week.
South Florida Community College of Avon Park has begun softball and baseball season. Tom and I have taken in a few games. Nothing better than sitting out in the sun watching a ball game.
We awoke this morning to a chilly 37 degrees. 37 is cold when you are riding on a golf cart to church, however, it is a very short ride and church was warm and welcoming.
Our days are spent with lots of fellowship with friends, family and new friends that we seem to make every day.
Here is Carol, (from MN), Merrilyn, (from Ohio) and Marge from Gaylord, MI. These are dear Christian friends now …

1st Week in Florida

We've just completed our first week in Florida and we are still working on getting completely settled. Yesterday Tom got our water heater fixed. It had been working on gas but we wanted it use the electric element which had to be replaced. Our cable TV was installed last week but still isn't working well. A technician is supposed to come today. The final straw was yesterday when ESPN stopped working.
Our days haven't been all work-lots of play here. There are activities available morning, noon and night. We have been part of several including an afternoon 'happy hour' every day. A group meets daily at 4 pm and shares the events of the day always with lots of laughs. We have a variety of people which adds to the fun but every one seems to have a positive outlook.
I've also attended Hands of Love, a women's service group. I worked on teddy bears for use at the hospital. Ladies Bible Study is on Monday morning and was a group of about …