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Tom's Team

Tom has been a member of sports teams for almost his entire life.  Some of his fondest memories are the friendships he has made through teams.  Softball, baseball, football, basketball.  Now Tom needs a new team. 
Two weeks ago, Tom discovered a lump in his right breast.  After seeing our family doctor, he was sent to Betty Ford Breast Care Services in Grand Rapids for further testing.  Last week we received the news that no one wants to hear-the right breast and nearby a lymph node contain cancer.
Monday, April 24, our family spent the day at Betty Ford Services. The purpose was to hear from the doctors about his diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. We arrived there at 8 am as a team-Tommy, Sherry, Kristen and Eric and Tom and I (Brenda).  Jennifer joined us on Facetime.  We spent the morning meeting with the doctors and support team. 
There was good news from the doctors.  The cancer is not present in the left breast.  Also, the type of cancer is responsive to treatment.  They gav…