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Florida-Here We Come

Essential Bean in Caledonia is always on of our last stops before leaving town for a trip. We think their coffee is the best we've found anywhere. It might be the cozy, friendly atmosphere and all the friends we see there. It is a tradition to take our picture showing the excitement we feel as we are 'on the road again." The new owner, Justin, cheerfully took part in our tradition.

We left a guardian to watch over the farm while we are gone. Graham, our cat, seems to be working hard watching for intruders. Of course, Jennifer and Eric are there to care for Graham.

Our first stop was in Canton, Ohio to stay with Kristen. We did lots of planning for the upcoming wedding. We went out to dinner with Kristen, Chris and his parents, Tom and Sandy Liggett. We also visited the Liggett's home. They have the most wonderful vegetable garden in the summer. It was a wonderful way to start our trip.

These next photos are from our trip in October but will show you where…