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Good morning dear friends.  We just returned from morning worship services at Christ's Church of Scottsdale.  The church was planted by Christ Church of the Valley where we attended with Kristen last year.  CCS recently became independent of the mother church.  We were blessed by the singing and the preaching.  I learned a new song this morning called  Glorious One and loved it.

The pastor spoke on Moses and how God used Moses' time in the desert to strip him of his pride and make it possible for him to be used by God.  My prayer is that God would use my time in this desert to teach me about Him. 


  1. Our Shine On Christmas program was finally performed today. I was not in the performance, but enjoyed every moment of the morning. I'm glad it ws canceled before. I enjoyed it today more than I would have at Christmas when things are already special occasions. It's good that we had it today when things have settled down and back normal. I'm glad you and Tom have a wonderful place to worship on Sunday. I can hardle stand to think of Shiloh - I am just too homesick and remind myself to refocus and get back to what I can do today and not moon over the past.

  2. Tommy said they really enjoyed the program too. It is hard to think about Shiloh without really missing it.

  3. Awwwww...thanks Jane! What a nice thing to come across as I read Brenda's blog! We really miss you guys too. Take a break and come out to CA and help us out a little! You guys are so kind to a pastor's heart!


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