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Weekend to Relax

It is Saturday morning and we are relaxing at Sandy Pines and loving sunshine which has been in short supply this week-literally and figuratively.
But after a discouraging week because of a second surgery, we received good news on Friday.  

Tom had a second surgery because the cancer was present at the edges of the tumor that was removed.  He had to have additional surgery to take more tissue.  We needed clean margins-which means the edge of the cancer had to be seen to assure that all the cancer was removed.
 At a visit to the doctor we received the news-the pathology report showed clean margins!  The best news!  All the cancer is gone from his breasts. This means we can now move to the next step in his treatment. 
Chemo will begin on June 13.  There are several steps to get ready for chemo such as chemo education next Tuesday.  Then he will have a port placed under the skin of his chest on June 5.  This will allow him to receive chemo treatments without having any additional pokes from …

The Journey Takes a Turn

This week we received an unexpected phone call from Tom's surgeon.  Tom's surgery last week did not obtain the clear margins needed to ensure all the cancer was removed.  This means he will have more surgery to remove the rest of the cancer.  This will take place next Tuesday, May 23.
We are reminded that we are not in charge anymore.  Our days and times will be filled with appointments, tests, procedures and we will have to blend into this new world.
Tom is recovering well from the first surgery.  He took his first walk outside today.  I had hoped he would make it to the barn and back.  But the nice weather helped him go past the barn and all the way to his deer blind.  Savi was with us too and the energy and exuberance of a three-year old helped motivate him.

We received an email from our dear friend Kari who has been down this road before us.  She said, "Things being out of your control can absolutely be frustrating and scary,  but once I got  past that ( it takes a while…

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

I want to do a quick update on this week for Tom. 
Our 3 year old granddaughter has a cd that we listen to in the van and she has all the songs memorized.  She loves to sing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”.  This includes the lines-He’s got you and me brother in His hands.  That has been made very clear to us the past few weeks.
We arrived at Blodgett Hospital at 5:30 AM on Tuesday, May 9.  There were a couple of hours of preparation.  As surgery time approached our children and I gathered around Tom to pray.  Dr. Umali, the anesthesiologist, joined us in prayer by removing his surgery headcover and bowing his head.  That meant so much to me.  It showed me that the doctor recognized that we are all in God’s hands and we depend on His protection for every day of our lives. 
The story of how Dr. Umali got assigned to Tom’s case is another example of God’s hand is at work in ways we can’t anticipate.  The week before surgery, Tom had to have a stress test to okay him for surge…

Never a Surprise to God

It has been nearly two weeks since we received the phone call with Tom’s test results telling us that his biopsy came back showing cancer.  One week has passed since we shared the news publicly. 
Telling everyone was difficult.  How do you find the words to say such a thing?
Tom chose to be public with his news. 
A good friend who has taken the cancer journey before us recommended a CaringBridges page.  She found the comments from loved ones very helpful as she faced her treatments.   We are using this blog and Facebook instead of CaringBridges but the effect is the same. 
Tom and I have been overwhelmed with the response of family, friends-both near and far.  Current friends and those we have lost touch with over the years.  We’ve heard from our pastor and Faith Bible Church family,  classmates, friends from our life in Florida, a former co-worker of Eric’s from his time in Minneapolis.  The notes from all of you have been incredibly helpful and strength building. 
We have heard fr…