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Fall Projects and Fun

Today is a cool fall day and when the sun is shining everything looks beautiful. Tom and I like to take a ride around the fields often. With the outside rows of corn picked, we have a road to follow and most times our rides are rewarded with lots of deer sightings. Today there were none. Bow season opened in Michigan on Friday so maybe the deer have been scared off.
This is the back view of our new home.
We have about 20 acres in corn by Butch Nordhof, a local farmer and long-time friend of ours. His crop looks great this year. He will be picking it as soon as he gets his soybeans harvested in the area.

There are woods surrounding our fields. We frightened up a large flock of ducks this afternoon who were enjoying the water from all our rain. The woods are 'lovely, dark and deep.'

The beauty of fall seems to be growing every day here on the farm. We're keeping busy every day with work both out in the schools and at the farms. The shot below is our kitchen drywalling …