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Guest Blogger

Tom wrote an email to some dear friends describing our time here in Florida. He did such a good job, I thought I would share it with you. I hope to write a blog about our park but our internet service is so weak, I can't put pictures on my posts. So I'll share with you when we get a better signal. Here's Tom's post.

Good morning Marcia. Yes, we are having a great time in Florida. My Uncle Wayne and Aunt Phyllis Ullery are in the park so we have enjoyed several outings with them. Their daughter and son-in-law, Dianne and Charlie Minor, have been down for the month of March so the outings have gone form 4 to 6. In addition Butch and Shelia Nordhof are only about 10 minutes away so we have enjoyed their company as well. My cousin and her husband Nanette and Larry Kreuger live in St. Petersburg and came over for a day last week. Outings have included the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, a Tigers ballgame in Lakeland, the Florida Flywheelers, a tractor show, se…