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Our Move is Complete

Back in March when we decided to put our house on the market, I never thought we'd be to this point. However, yesterday was our closing and the new owner is moving in today. It was a group effort to get to us moved.
We worked hard to get the house ready for showing. Over the summer, we made many trips home from the Soo to keep the house ready for showing and open houses.
The timing on all the events since the first of September certainly show the Lord's leading. September and October have been so full that I know I'll forget much in the retelling.
When the offer came in on the house, we had no idea where we would be moving. But the Lord lead us each step of the way. We found a condo in Jasonville Farms in Caledonia to rent. The two bedroom condo keeps us near our friends and family here but the condo lifestyle allows us to travel and spend our summers away without worrying about the house.

Many people helped us the task of downsizing from a 5 bedroom house to a much sma…

Cabin Close Up and Garage Sale

The past few weeks have been unbelievably busy but we really feel God's leading in every step. We received an offer on our house that we accepted and things have been moving very fast since then. Our closing is scheduled for Oct. 23 with possession at close which means we have to be out by then.
We had a garage sale that was very successful. Here's our front yard full of stuff from the barn and it almost all sold. Tom's stuff was very popular. We used Craigslist and it worked very well. We are going to use Craigslist to sell the few remaining items.
Unfortunately, my side of the sale wasn't quite as successful but we did sell lots. The rest of the goodies will be donated to Goodwill or Mel Trotter.
This weekend we headed up to the Cabin with a load of furniture we want up there. The colors were beautiful on the way up and at the Soo. Sugar Island, which you see in the picture, was in full glory.
This was our last sight of Scenic Drive as we drove out for the las…