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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

Here's a collage of pictures to show you what we have been doing this past few weeks.  I'm not good at arranging photo in the blog so the activities may be out of order.

 Sunrises and boats are favorite photographs of mine.  Here I combine them.

 We spend time every day visiting with our neighbors.  This is Eileen and Paul Williams from Engadine.  Eileen's sister lives next to us.  Paul and Tom really enjoy doing projects together.  Last week they buried an electric line to our small barn.

 We also enjoy sightseeing around the UP.  Jennifer was with us for a few days so we went exploring down the river.  These pictures were taken at Raber which we found out was a thriving town of about 500 homes back when lumbering was big business here.

July 4th was a big family celebration of Tom and Robbie's , my nephew, birthday.  The picnic was at Susie and Roger's place.  It was a beautiful warm day which we enjoyed all afternoon on their deck.

This past month was my 45th cl…

Life on the St. Marys River

Just wanted to give you a picture tour of our place on the St. Marys River.  The above shot was takenTuesday morning about 6:30 am.  I'm so glad I was awake and was able to see the beautiful sunrise.  Fifteen minutes later it was gone.

The rose trees are in full bloom.
This is our mock orange tree which is just coming into bloom.  It fills our whole yard with a wonderful scent.

 Each morning the Canada geese float by.  If our presence isn't made known, they will come up into the yard and eat.  Tom works hard at keeping them out.

This time every year, a school of fish come into the shallow water and churn it up.  I don't know anything about them-the species or what they are doing.  I think they may be spawning.  This has been happening as long as I can remember.  When I was young, I tried to catch one but was never successful.

The next three pictures are from my 45th Class reunion which was last weekend-a two day affair.
 The above shot is of two of my close friends.  I …