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First Chemo Treatment is Behind Us

The month of May has been busy in our family.  Our oldest grandchild, Madelynn, graduated from West Michigan Aviation Academy.  Madelynn was honored at graduation because she soloed in her flight training last fall.  Her plans are uncertain for fall but I know she will be accomplishing great things.

All our six grandchildren are such as joy and they have helped their grandpa keep his spirits up and we love every minute we spend with them. 

May also was filled with doctor appointments and hospital visits. Tom had three hospital visits-two for surgery on his cancer and one for the placement of a port for his chemo.
Now it is June and the appointments have continued.  Tuesday, June 20 was Tom's first chemo.  
In preparation for his treatment, Tom had his hair cut short.  I hear that is what his hair was like growing up.  I'm liking the new haircut and I'm going to encourage him to keep it that way even after the chemo.

The visit to the chemo center (Cancer and Hematology Center) l…

Moving Slowly but in God's Timing

I haven’t posted in this blog for awhile because things have been moving slowly in Tom’s treatment.  His recovery from the two surgeries went well.He developed an infection after the first surgery.The first antibiotic didn’t work well.But the infection cleared up quickly with the second antibiotic. Surgery of Tom’s type requires drain tubes to eliminate a build-up of fluid that comes with such a large removal of tissue.  The drains must stay in his chest until the fluid stops. Tom’s drains have been slow to stop.  But it was going well this week and the fluid was slowing down.  Unfortunately, he developed an infection in the area where the two tubes enter his chest.  So, he’s back on the antibiotic for another round.
The discouraging part of this is that chemo can’t start until he’s done with the antibiotic and the infection is cleared up.  We’re looking  June 20 for the start of chemo at the earliest instead of the June 13 we originally planned.
In preparation for chemo, he had a port i…