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Hoath Girls Weekend 2010

Every year the women in our family meet to celebrate my mom's birthday. We have met at different locations all around the state. This year was special because Mom turned 80 years old on March 18. We decided to meet in the Soo and celebrate there.
Tom & Sherry and the kids all went north so Tommy and the boys could stay with Grandpa while the girls were off having a ball. So I rode up north with them. I brought along lots of activities for the kids. Lots of school activities which they took very seriously. They said, "This is middle school work." I told them it was but they were so smart they could handle it and they did. We were learning about rivers of Michigan and they worked hard to observe rivers while we drove. Did you know there are over 300 rivers in Michigan? I would like to photograph them all. So if you have any river pictures, I would appreciate copies since I don't think I'll ever get to see all 300.

We arrived in the Soo and were able to spend a co…

Whirlwind Weekend Trip

Tom and I are packing lots of traveling into a few days but the benefit is that we get to see both our daughters. We left Caledonia on Friday afternoon and arrived at Kristen's about 8:30 PM. She and Chris took us on a sight-seeing trip around Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is very hilly and we went to the highest spot and saw a beautiful panorama of the city. We ate dinner at Primanti Bros and had one of their famous sandwiches which includes homemade bread, meat, cheese, coleslaw and French fries-all on the sandwich. They were delicious.

We left Kristen's Saturday morning and traveled down through West Virginia where we crossed the New River Gorge Bridge. You can see it was a wonderfully clear day. West Virginia is a very mountainous state which makes for wonderful sight-seeing.

We arrived at Jen's in Concord, North Carolina. She wanted her dad's help picking out a new TV (not his wallet just his good eye for detail). We found a last year's model at Best Buy which…