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May Report-Part 2

Greetings dear readers, I told you about our early May but Tom and I have had so many activities in our lives that it is hard to keep up with them and it doesn't allow us much time to blog about them.
We are moving up to the cabin next week and I'm hoping things will slow down for a bit. I have two more days to work at Hopkins and then I'll have a couple of weeks off before jumping into my next work.
During the first week of May I celebrated my 60th birthday. It was a very quiet day because my poor husband was suffering with a kidney stone that had first made its presence known while we were in Minneapolis. Thankfully, he successfully passed the stone on May 17th which meant he had it for over 2 weeks. But he is not suffering anymore and gaining his strength back.
He did manage to get me these beautiful roses for my birthday. We're planning to celebrate later once life slows down a bit. We also have our 40th anniversary coming up in June. So much to be thankful for …

What's Going On in our Life?

Since we returned from Branson, we returned to normal life. Normal for us is hard to describe. No two days is alike. Tom is coaching JV softball for Caledonia. It is great fun and he has a bunch of nice girls.
Our grandkids are busy this spring and playing lots of sports. We're trying to attend lots of games and we are always appreciated (and hugged) when we do. Last weekend we loaded up the car again and headed out to Minneapolis. Our daughter-in-law, Jesslyn, was graduating from Augsburg College with a Bachelor of Science in social work. Jess worked very hard for this. We are very proud of her. Here are a few pictures from that day.
Augsburg College has a focus on service to your fellow man. The graduation ceremony was very nice.

Jess with her sisters Dana and Kylie
Jess's parents, with Eric & Jess
Eric & Jess-look how proud Jess' dad looks in the background
The graduation was followed by a party at Jack & Nancy's house. (Tom's brother). This …