For the Record Book

Tom's sister sent us this clip from an article that appeared in the GR Press this week.  Tom's long-held football record for 445 yards rushing in a single game was broken.  Tom was happy for the young man and is going to send him a congratulations card.  52 years is a long time to hold a record. 

Tom's high school football performance gave him opportunity to play college football.  He chose Western Michigan University from among the many offers he had.  After suffering a career-ending injury, he transferred to Cornerstone University (Baptist Bible College at that time).  That is where I met him. And the rest is history.  

Tom is facing his cancer challenge with the grit and determination that he brought to the football field.

This past week he had his 11th chemo treatment.  The doctor said he is doing great and tolerating the chemo well.  She began reducing the amount of steroids he receives and now he is completely weaned from them.  We are happy for that because the steroids have side effects too.  

The chemo has a cumulative effect with fatigue.  Tom is definitely more tired and unable to do what he would like.  But I'm telling him "This too shall pass."  

Right now, his last treatment is scheduled for November 14-the day before whitetail deer season opens in Michigan.  That is always an important day in our family.  We celebrate with the hunters coming over early and then coming into the house for hot meals and snacks.  I love it because I cook all day long for my kids and grand kids.  

We will really have something to celebrate this year-even if no one gets a deer. 


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