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The waiting room-Tom and I have been spending a great deal of time sitting in waiting rooms.  This morning at chemo we were waiting for his blood test.  That's the first step once  you get to Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion.  When they called his name, they said that they had called him before and he didn't respond.  That was be the worst.  To have missed your call.

At chemo you are seen by different people, so it isn't unusual to sit in the waiting room three different times during your visit.  Waiting room-Blood test;-waiting room- medical check-up; waiting room-chemo room (infusion room) and then you are finally cleared for chemo.  I'm thankful for the care that Tom is getting.  Every week there is no chemo until everyone agrees that he is healthy enough for a treatment.  We always breathe a sigh of relief when they say, "OK, we are set to go."  There have been two times when that didn't happen and it is very demoralizing.  With every treatment, Tom says, "We're one step closer to being done."

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld talks about waiting rooms in a humorous but I try not to look around at the other patients.  It is hard to see so many very sick people. I dug out my knitting needles and have started projects to use the time.  It acts both as a distraction and I'm ending up with dish cloths.  Many dish cloths.  I picked a very easy pattern so I don't have to think while knitting.  I'm not varying my pattern because I don't want to have to keep track of anything.  I'm only changing the color of the yarn.  Warning-I may be giving gifts of dish cloths over the next months.  If you're interested in a cotton hand-knitted dish cloth-just ask!

Tom has been plugging through his treatments.  He has only 8 more to go.  We are looking at being done before Thanksgiving.  Won't that be a wonderful blessing to praise God for?

His greatest side effect has been fatigue which gets worse with every treatment.  We are adjusting our family life to get through this new normal.  But when Tom feels up to it, we try to get out.  Even if Tom has to sit in the car, we enjoy new scenery.

Our place in Florida came through Hurricane Irma with a small amount of damage.  There are so many stories to tell about the hurricane that I will do a blog post soon telling all about it.

The screens were damaged on our sun porch but that appears to be the worst of the damage in Florida

I've spent time with each of our children this past month (and grandchildren).   We visited Jen and Sudeep in Lansing to see our youngest grandchild, Wally.  He's growing up quickly and is a joy.

Wally at 8 months

We visited Kristen and Chris over Labor Day.  They live in Hartville Ohio which boasts a great Amish restaurant and flea market.  Both were great.  Kristen cooked many nutritious and delicious meals while we were there too.  She had several things planned for both me and Tom.  Lots of good college football on TV for her dad.  Hiking and an outdoor band concert for me. She also introduced me to pick-up grocery shopping.  You send your grocery order to the store through their app and then go pick up your order.  They even load it into your car.  You never have to enter the store.  I've been using it since we returned home too.  It will be great when the weather gets colder.

Kristen and Chris at Stark County Concert Band Outdoor Concert

I had an opportunity to work with Tommy last week.  He is a quality system consultant.  As part of his job, he teaches multi-day seminars at companies and colleges throughout West Michigan.  I helped out for a day at a company in Holland.  People are always surprised when he introduces me and tells me that I'm his mother.  I guess not too many consultants bring their mother to help out.  I consider it a privilege.

Tommy leading a class discussion

Eric is busy helping with the start-up of a new restaurant in Grand Rapids.  Citizen will open later this fall.  But last Sunday Eric lead the service at our church, Alto Faith Bible.  It is always a joy to see your children use their talents in service for God.

We pray for our many friends and family.  I pray that whatever waiting room God has you in now that you will hear your name called with the answer to that prayer you are asking God for.


  1. So good to hear the news and see the pictures of your family! We are praying for you and Tom, knowing the waiting and fatigue, nausea, and all the other symptoms and sorrows are a very heavy load. I think it's super cool that Tommy has you working for and with him! Of course, you're a super cool lady, so Tom's just being smart!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Continuing to pray for Tom's healing and for peace as you wait on the Lord. I loved the picture of the knitting...I, too, knit lots of dish cloths using the no-think pattern. It's very relaxing and yet I'm accomplishing something that I can share with others. Blessings to you and Tom!

  3. "Thank you, Lord, that in my distress I can call on You. And when I cry out to You, Lord, You hear my voice and answer." Psalm 18:6 Here is a prayer from my devotional book by Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Woman: "Lord, help me to remember to give thanks to You in all things, knowing that You reign in the midst of them. Remind me that You have redeemed me and I am Yours, and nothing is more important than that. I know when I pass through the waters You will be with me and the river will not overflow me. When I walk through the fire I will not be burned, nor will the flame touch me." Isaiah 43:1-2) Waiting rooms of life. Hard stuff. But God is there. You are both in my continued prayers.


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