First Chemo Treatment is Behind Us

The month of May has been busy in our family.  Our oldest grandchild, Madelynn, graduated from West Michigan Aviation Academy.  Madelynn was honored at graduation because she soloed in her flight training last fall.  Her plans are uncertain for fall but I know she will be accomplishing great things.

Madelynn graduated from West Michigan Aviation Academy

All our six grandchildren are such as joy and they have helped their grandpa keep his spirits up and we love every minute we spend with them. 
Jay (17), Anna (13), Madelynn (18) and Jack (almost 15)

Savi (3) and Wally ( 5 months but he's now 6 months)

Wally at 5 months

Madelynn and I-both at 18 years old
May also was filled with doctor appointments and hospital visits. Tom had three hospital visits-two for surgery on his cancer and one for the placement of a port for his chemo.

Now it is June and the appointments have continued.  Tuesday, June 20 was Tom's first chemo.  

In preparation for his treatment, Tom had his hair cut short.  I hear that is what his hair was like growing up.  I'm liking the new haircut and I'm going to encourage him to keep it that way even after the chemo.

The visit to the chemo center (Cancer and Hematology Center) lasted for 5 hours.  We filled the time with reading, snacks, a walk to the cafe for lunch.  Tom tolerated the treatment well.  That has continued this week.  He developed hiccups on Wednesday-not just a normal case of hiccups-but strong and relentless hiccups.  We had been advised to call the doctor with any questions, so I did.  Hiccups are a side effect of the chemo and she prescribed medication.  Thankfully, the hiccups subsided without the medication but we are ready if they return.

Tom feels punky and tired.  He has some mouth sores which are also a side effect but the mouthwash of baking soda and salt which was suggested by the doctor has really helped.

He is so encouraged when he hears from our friends and family.  Thank you for your continued support. 

All in all, we are thrilled at how he is feeling.  Each day is a new step on this journey.


  1. I love the new do and agree with you. Still praying and still believing what God has started will be finished in perfection and that you both will do what you do best witness, pray and testify. Love you both

  2. I like the haircut!
    Glad to hear Tom is doing all right with the treatment so far. We'll keep praying!

  3. I can't believe how big your grandkids are!! I know you both are proud of them. Tom looks good! Keep us updated!


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