Weekend to Relax

 It is Saturday morning and we are relaxing at Sandy Pines and loving sunshine which has been in short supply this week-literally and figuratively.
But after a discouraging week because of a second surgery, we received good news on Friday.  

Tom had a second surgery because the cancer was present at the edges of the tumor that was removed.  He had to have additional surgery to take more tissue.  We needed clean margins-which means the edge of the cancer had to be seen to assure that all the cancer was removed.

 At a visit to the doctor we received the news-the pathology report showed clean margins!  The best news!  All the cancer is gone from his breasts. This means we can now move to the next step in his treatment. 
Eric made us a healthy delicious dinner at Sandy Pines last week.

 Chemo will begin on June 13.  There are several steps to get ready for chemo such as chemo education next Tuesday.  Then he will have a port placed under the skin of his chest on June 5.  This will allow him to receive chemo treatments without having any additional pokes from needles each time. 
Tom has experienced some infection at the surgery site and he is now on is second antibiotic to try and fight it. 

We are experiencing such love and support from our family, church family and many friends.  Cards, visits, calls, notes, Facebook posts and likes, blog comments, and candy are all encouraging to us. 

We are spending the weekend at Sandy Pines.  Sandy Pines is a campground with 2,000+ sites.  We bought a park model trailer there last fall.  It had belonged to Tommy and Sherry.  They purchased a place right on Monterey Lake. 

It is hard to describe Sandy Pines but we have such a good time here. There are all kinds of activities, play areas, pools, rope course, and the favorite of Savi-the Tot Center.  We love spending time with the grandkids.  There is a cafe in the park where we go for breakfast.  There are always some kids who are up early and join us for a fun time there.

We are still relying on our faith to strengthen our journey this summer.  Psalm 121 has been a lifelong favorite of Tom's and the words are more true than ever.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—

    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

Savi playing store in the Tot Center

Swimming at Sandy Pines last summer
Picnicking early in the season

Fun times at Sandy Pines


  1. Thanks for the update, Brenda. Sandy Pines is a beautiful place for mending; being around people/kids/family can be so therapeutic. Continuing to pray. Rest in God's loving arms - both of you. Kathy

  2. This is Aunt Millie's Favorite scripture verse which she has claimed all her life and she just turned 93!!!! Think of you both often and know that your Faith and perserverence will take to both to great heights to be HIS witness to others!! You are Loved, admired and appreciated. Love and prayers, Tommy and Teresa

  3. So, so thankful for this good report! We were at Mackinac Island so I didn't see anything until this morning, but we've been praying steadily for you. PRAISE GOD for clear margins!!! Sorry about the infection. :( We will be asking the Lord for healing there too. Aren't grand kids wonderfully therapeutic? Best of all, where would we be without the Lord, who strengthens and sustains us. God bless you!


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