The Journey Takes a Turn

This week we received an unexpected phone call from Tom's surgeon.  Tom's surgery last week did not obtain the clear margins needed to ensure all the cancer was removed.  This means he will have more surgery to remove the rest of the cancer.  This will take place next Tuesday, May 23.

We are reminded that we are not in charge anymore.  Our days and times will be filled with appointments, tests, procedures and we will have to blend into this new world.

Tom is recovering well from the first surgery.  He took his first walk outside today.  I had hoped he would make it to the barn and back.  But the nice weather helped him go past the barn and all the way to his deer blind.  Savi was with us too and the energy and exuberance of a three-year old helped motivate him.

We received an email from our dear friend Kari who has been down this road before us.  She said, "Things being out of your control can absolutely be frustrating and scary,  but once I got  past that ( it takes a while), and just resting  in God's hands for those things that are clearly not in your control, there is a certain peace about it. After a while it seemed more clear to me how to deal with things- which things that were my "job" or "assignments" (exercise/ diet etc) and which were God's- like outcomes, infections, etc ."

Handmade card from Marge & Red Sanders
So we are learning to trust God for those things out of our control including test results.  Tom says, "We are trusting God each step of the way."

Thank you for the cards and especially the personal notes included with them.  We read and re-read each one and they encourage us. 

Here is a sampling of some from the past few days.



  1. Our hearts are very heavy, but praise God for being with us (you and us), and for Tom's faith to trust God every step of the way. Kari is such an inspirational example. I feel like she's a walking miracle, and I'm praying that Tom will be another one! We love you guys.

  2. Thinking of you and Tom today, praying you will find comfort and strength in His everlasting arms, we are more than conquerors through Christ. Thank you for sharing this journey.❤️

  3. Sorry to hear about another surgery, but good that they were aware and can take appropriate action. I was told last July that I had a cancerous tumor in my bladder. They surgically removed it but the biopsy results were inconclusive. On a follow up cystoscopy they found 2 more tumors. They are going to leave them for now and look at them again in October. I understand things being out of our control and living in the unknown. These are times that we rest in God's control, and it feels so safe there. Love & Prayers, Miriam


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