Indian Cooking

Jennifer, our oldest, was married this year to Sudeep Singh.  She and Sudeep are very happy and we are happy for them.  Sudeep's is from Hardiwar, India.  He comes from a tight-knit family and I know he must miss home a great deal.  I'd like to be able to cook some dishes for him that taste like home.  I've got a ways to go before I'm that good at it. 

  I bought an Indian cookbook and I've been trying a few easy ones.  I made a trip to Spice of India, a local store featuring Indian food items.  Jennifer also shared some of her spices with me.  Sudeep's mother gave Jennifer some cooking lessons when Jennifer visited there last year so she's ahead of me in Indian cooking.

Last week's attempt was Saag Gosht, which literally means spinach-lamb.  I followed the recipe except that I cooked the lamb in a slow cooker for three hours before making the rest of the recipe.  That way the lamb was very tender.  

I was able to cook saag gosht in an electric frying pan so it was a one pan meal.

I served naan which is an Indian flat bread.  I got that from Costco but I heard it is not difficult to make from scratch.  Maybe next time I'll give that a try.

I served the saag gosht with white rice, tossed salad and fresh fruit.  

We enjoyed this new dish.  It is easy and rather quick when the lamb is cooked ahead of time.


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