The Shot Heard Round the World.

The first church, the first military cemetery, the first university, the first .... .  We've been seeing all of these places and even more.  Boston is a cornerstone of the founding of the United States.

Our day started with a spectacular sunrise viewed from a fast moving train.  Our tour started at 9:30 so we took the 7 am train into Boston to allow enough time in case we got lost on the 1/2 mile walk from the train station to the start of the tour.  We made it with time to spare so we enjoyed a quick breakfast from Starbucks.  There seems to be a coffee shop in every block-mostly Dunkin Donuts but also lots of Starbucks.

We took a 'three hour tour' today and even returned safely.  The places we saw brought to mind how much the citizens of our country sacrificed for freedom and independence.  We visited Cambridge to see Harvard & MIT.

Then on to Lexington to see the place where the first skirmish between the British and the Americans took place on April 19, 1775.

This is the burial spot of the first Americans to lose their lives in the Revolution.  It was very moving to see where they fought and hear the story how the British soldiers were marching up the road and how the militia quickly met them in spite of great risk.

Finally we spent time in Concord following the Battle Trail and we ended up at North Bridge where the Americans held back the British and sent them back to Boston-about 25 miles.

Memorial at the North Bridge

North Bridge was the site of a fierce battle

Interspersed with all the Revolutionary War sites, we saw the homes of writers that I have studied, read and enjoyed.  You may remember several of them from high school English class.  We saw Emerson's Old Manse, Louisa Mae Alcott's home; and Hawthorne's home.

We spend some time at the Boston Public Library-it was recommended for its architecture and beautiful art work and it was raining.  Two good reasons to go inside.

There aren't words to describe the beauty of the building and the art work.

But I wanted to see if it was really a library-like our Alto Library.  In Alto we are greeted by name and we enjoy books together.  What I saw in Boston was encouraging.

There were lots of children in their section and they were talking to the librarian.  Although they would have to be great to come close to our local librarian and staff in our Alto Library-Sandy, Mary and Deb.

We rode the train home tonight so glad we we're facing the heavy traffic in the rain.  Sitting and watching the nearby expressway from the train was a great feeling.

You may have heard a news story today about a fire in a Boston train station that filled the cars with smoke and the car doors wouldn't open.  The riders had to break windows to get out.  That was at Back Bay Station where we arrived and departed from each day.  However, our train had just pulled out of the station when the fire erupted and we didn't hear of all the drama until the news this morning.

Our time in Boston is done and we are heading back west tomorrow.  We have a couple more adventures on the way home.  Stay tuned!  That's my cliffhanger for today.


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