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Today we learned lots about Boston including how to get into Boston on the rail.  There are many steps to it.
1) Find the train station.

2) Figure out where to park

3) get a ticket or if you don't have enough time-just jump on the train and the conductor will sell you a ticket.  We were in our seats with less than one minute to spare.

 4) Figure out your stop and listen for it to be announced.  All in all, it worked out well with just a few tense moments.
The conductor was very helpful in figuring out what station we needed.

Tom loved that he could sit back and enjoy the ride instead of fighting traffic

The train was rather empty heading to Boston this morning but this evening's train was packed.

After arriving in Boston, our first stop was to get a scarf for me and gloves for Tom.  It was a beautiful sunny day but the wind was raw.  We spent some time walking around neighborhoods.

We ate lunch in a grocery store-they have a wide array of hot food that was tasty.  Then we took a tour of Boston on a duck boat.  The tour guy was funny but knowledgeable.  The duck boat went on land but we also went in the Charles River and went under the Longfellow Bridge.

This is a duck boat although not the one we rode on. I forgot to take a picture of it and this on was on the web.

We toured the city and admired the amazing architecture and history that is everywhere.

Once we finished the tour, we walked to the Boston Public Gardens.  This lovely spot was introduced to me in my favorite children's book, Make Way for Ducklings.  

Much of the story takes place in Boston Public Gardens.  There is now a duck sculpture for 'children' to enjoy in the Gardens.  

 Ducks still live in the pond used by Mrs. Mallard to raise her children.  

 Robert McCloskey is one of my favorite children's authors and it was wonderful to be in the Garden that I have long read about.

 Mrs. Mallard and her brood.

During a brisk walk back to the train station, we passed the John Hancock building which is the tallest building in Boston.  The sun gave us a reflection of the surrounding buildings.  I just read in the tour book that the best thing about this building is that it reflects the older building around it.  I guess Bostonians aren't too happy with the modern look.

We had a great day and we're looking forward to more adventures tomorrow.  Meanwhile, we cheering on the Midwest in the World Series!


  1. Awesome! Love your pictures. Brings back lots of happy memories!


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