Boston Here We Come

Ready to Go!!
I have had a trip to Boston on my bucket list for many years.  And we always planned to do it 'soon'.  But this fall, Tom said that we had been putting it off for too many years.  I said we are too busy to go this fall.  He asked me, "When are we going to be less busy?"  I didn't have a good answer and so we scheduled our trip two weeks ago.

We left Alto on Monday, October 24.  The first leg of our trip was through Ontario.  So our first I stop was for lunch just across the border at a favorite restaurant of our family-Swiss Chalet.  They are famous for their chicken served with a special dipping sauce.

With that requirement check off, we headed across Ontarion and crossed back in the US near Buffalo.The drive from the 401 down to Niagara was through beautiful wine country.  We especially liked the glimpses of Lake Ontario and kept on the lookout for freighters.

Our stop for the night was in Seneca Falls, NY.  That is the 'Miracle on 34th Street' town.  Frank Capara had some connection to the town and the rumor is that he used Seneca Falls as the town in the film.

Seneca Falls is also the site of the first women's rights convention in 1848.  At this meeting the women and Fredrick Douglass issued a Declaration of Sentiments.  Very interesting reading.  They called for women to have the right to own property after they were married; have a job; attend college and also vote.

Tomorrow we will arrive in the Boston area and start to see the sights.  I will post every day as time and wifi access allow.  Love!


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