New Year & New Granddaughter

I could describe my last few months in a few simple words it could be
snow & cold
family events

I volunteer in Anna's fourth grade classroom every week working with struggling readers.  It is so much fun because each time starts and ends with a hug from Anna.  Anna's teacher gave me a gift card for Barnes and Noble for Christmas so Anna and I went there to spend it.  That was a treasured activity for me.

On December 14th, our number of grandchildren went from 4 -5 with the arrival of Savida Monroe to Eric and Sarah.  Savi started with a few blood sugar issues but quickly overcame those and now is a healthy, contented baby who is  joy to us.  Savi is nearby in Grand Rapids so we can see her often.  She loves to cuddle and hardly ever fusses.  She is really one of the best babies I have ever seen.

Our winter has been unusally harsh.  All schools are closed again today and tomorrow looks bad too.  I'm helping to homeschool my 5th grade grandson.  Whenever his siblings have a snow day, he gets one too.  So today is very quiet around here.

We have made several trips to the Soo this winter to spend time with my parents.  In December I attended the 96th annual David and Margaret Mitchell Christmas Dinner.  The eleven children of David and Margaret have all passed away but there was a good showing of the children of the 11.  Here are the first cousins who attended the dinner.
 We also had a good showing of 2nd cousins-although up in the Soo we just call them all cousins.


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