Busy B's Farm

 Busy B's Farm-When we bought Tom's parent's farm in 2010, we decided to bring back the name Tom remembered from his childhood.  We aren't sure if we have it exactly right, but we are definitely busy Benedicts, so we are going with Busy B's Farm.

The barn was standing when Wally and Marge purchased the farm in 1948 from a couple of bachelors.  Family lore tells us that the men held poker games to get  money to build and add to the house.  I have no idea if any of that is true, but it makes a great story.

Wally added the silo to the barn shortly after moving here.  The silo has stood faithfully for at least 60 years.  In 1959 the cows were sold and the need for the silo ended.

A few years ago our barn was voted by the community as the prettiest barn in Bowne Township.  We have been very proud of the barn and every morning we enjoy the view of the field and barn out the breakfast nook windows.

Time changes things.   But the work we have done on Busy B Farm has been replacing and updating.  Our first project was to replace the roof.  That was followed by new carpet, windows, curtains, bathroom fixtures.  Our to-do list is no where near complete but with each change we have been able to love our farm more.  Each change has enhanced the house and buildings.

Foundations seem to be where damage and aging can lead to devastating results.  Tom saw that our garage was in peril.  Even though the building looked solid, the foundation was compromised and the building was off square and he felt it would not stand firm much longer.  So we had the garage jacked up and installed new footings and a new header on the door.  The result pleased us because we knew that the garage will continue to stand with these renovations.

But our latest project isn't one of improvement and upgrading. It is a project of removal.
 The silo has begun to disintegrate.  The effect of wind, rain, snow and weather has caused the concrete used to build it to become soft.  This has lead to large chunks of concrete falling off and into our yard.  It is a real safety issue.  That has lead to our decision to have the silo taken down.  It is the first project we have done where there will be no new or improved silo replacing the old.  We will not be building a new silo.

The removal is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Tom and Jack in front of barn and silo around 1955.  Tom-8, Jack -11 years old.


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