Family Visit to the Cabin

Tom and I returned to the cabin after our busy month of June which culminated with the wedding of our daughter Kristen on June 29. But we didn't come alone. Our son, Tom, his wife, Sherry, and our 4 grandchildren traveled with us. They stayed all week and left yesterday to spend time with Sherry's parents in Curtis, Michigan. Here's a photo recap of our week.

We visited my parents several times. My grandchildren are so blessed to have fun times with their great-grandparents.

The girls love to do crafts. Anna had found a book at the Alto Library with some fun ideas. I brought the necessary supplies with me and we had a great time making them.

Anna loves to do massages and we love to have one of her famous foot massages. She calls her business "World's Best Massage City." She really has a heart for service. It is amazing to see it in one so young.

This is the doll stroller that my grandmother had for years for all us kids. Anna loved to give her teddy bear rides. We treasured this time with her because it won't be long before she won't be wanting me to get the stroller out of storage. She is eight now but it seems like yesterday Madelynn was this age and now she is almost 14 and not playing with dolls and strollers.

Wednesday night is Music in the Park at the Soo. Madelynn & Jay went but as teenagers and near-teens, they weren't too interested but we had fun anyway.

Every morning and night we all had to check our email and Facebook friends. Tom and Sherry also spent some time working because they work out of their home on their computers and were able to get some work done while at the cabin. That allows them to spend more time with us.

We have cable TV at the cabin which is a real treat for the kids. They love Disney channel and it was a good quiet time activity.

Anna finished the week by making us a picture of one of her favorite times at the cabin-fireworks. We did it their last night here but had to cut it short because of wind and mosquitoes.

Our week went by too fast. Tom and I are now sitting in a too-quiet cabin remembering all the fun times we had this week.


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