Busy B's Farmhouse Restaurant

The 4th of July is always a special day for our family. Besides being our country's birthday, it is also Tom's birthday. Today I will share how we spent the day. It was very hot so we stayed inside except for early morning and late evening.

Tom's parents bought this farm where we now live in 1948. Tom moved here when he was one year old. They called it Busy B's Farm so we've taken that name for our home now.

Busy B's was the theme of our 4th of July celebration this week. It was Tom's 65th birthday. We wanted to have a low key day after our busy week of the wedding but I wanted to make it very special for Tom. Everyone pitched in and did their part with some creative for the 4th of July.

Madelynn and Jay decorated red, white and blue cookies. This included stars and bells that were in the freezer left from Christmas.

Jen made red, white and blue strawberries that were pretty and tasty. We had seen them on Pinterest and found them easy to make. At least I found them easy. I simply bought the ingredients and Jen made them.

Eric had a very fun meal for us that made it very special. He printed a menu for Busy B's
Farmhouse that rivals a menu found in any upscale restaurant including food descriptions that would make you want to try everything-which we did.

Anna, our youngest grandchild, was the waitress. She took all of our orders and learned to make abbreviations along to the way to speed the process.

Eric cooked the meat, I made the salad, and Sherry made cheese potatoes. Anna and Eric then set about serving our meals. Every one got what they ordered and enjoyed every minute of it. And we all ate at the same time.

We marked this milestone by celebrating our favorite way. In our Busy B's kitchen surrounded by our kids and grandkids and sharing our love together with lots of laughter and food.

I bought Tom a bird bath for his birthday. We have several bird feeders that are consistently very busy and with this hot, dry weather, we felt the birds needed a drink and a bath as well as food.


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