1st Week in Florida

We've just completed our first week in Florida and we are still working on getting completely settled. Yesterday Tom got our water heater fixed. It had been working on gas but we wanted it use the electric element which had to be replaced. Our cable TV was installed last week but still isn't working well. A technician is supposed to come today. The final straw was yesterday when ESPN stopped working.

Our days haven't been all work-lots of play here. There are activities available morning, noon and night. We have been part of several including an afternoon 'happy hour' every day. A group meets daily at 4 pm and shares the events of the day always with lots of laughs. We have a variety of people which adds to the fun but every one seems to have a positive outlook.

I've also attended Hands of Love, a women's service group. I worked on teddy bears for use at the hospital. Ladies Bible Study is on Monday morning and was a group of about 30 studying the book of John. There was lots of interaction and sharing.

Monday we made a trip to Sarasota which was about 80 miles from here. I wanted to see the Gulf of Mexico. We had a lovely day.

Today is Wednesday so that means euchre tonight. Last week Tom and I attended. We started as partners but each of the following 7 games was spent with new partners depending on whether you won or lost. Winners move to the next table and losers stay put. I thought I was a pretty good euchre player but unfortunately I never moved-lost all 8 games. Tom was highly successfully. I decided that cards were not my 'thing' but Tom has encouraged me to return and see if it was just bad cards. So I'll give it a try tonight. I'll let you know if it was the cards or me!

Sunday is Bonnet Lake Church. The park hires a retired pastor for 6 months of the year. He is a really good speaker and a precious time of fellowship. There were 162 people attending which is great when you consider there are 400 people living here.

One last fun event-the Michigan dinner last night. Each state that has a high representation has their own dinner. There is Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, and a final-the best of the rest. Our potluck dinner was amazing-retired ladies can really cook. The Ohio people always make an appearance-last night it was buckeye candies at each place. That was funny but they were delicious. In the Michigan trivia game, I won a prize for knowing the date that the Mackinac Bridge opened. Out of the 60+ Michiganders attending the dinner only 2 were UPers.

All in all, things are going well. How can you not love lots of sunshine with temperatures in the 70's and 80's?


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