Memorable Meals Mark the Summer

We are now moved back to Alto and have left the leisurely days at the Cabin behind. Actually there weren't too many leisurely days at the Cabin with all our projects but every day started out slowly and we savored our morning coffee watching the river.

I've posted some food pictures that I took because they help me remember some of our highlights this summer.

This is the meal at my dad's 65th Sault High School reunion in August. Tom and I attended with him and my mother. It is their last reunion because they have lost so many classmates especially those who did the planning of their annual get-together. There was enough money in the treasury to pay for the classmate's meals. Only guests had to pay. The reunion was at Lake Superior State University. The food service director, for some reason, decided to provide everyone with two meats-even though we had to choose between chicken and steak on our RSVP. It was a good will action. The reunion was touching, fun & a highlight for me to hear stories of my dad and see him interacting with lifelong friends.

Earlier in the summer, Tom and I hosted a dinner for my dad's cousins-several of whom he hadn't seen in years. Again I learned more about him from stories told by the cousins. My mother brought a lemonade cake-she had seen the recipe in a magazine. It took her half a day to make it and she says 'never again' so we enjoyed every bite. It was every bit as delicious as it looks.

In July, my principal and his family from Hopkins Middle School where I have been working the past two years, came to visit along with their Polish exchange student. I experimented with Babka, a Polish coffee cake. Aylssa seemed to like it. But for lunch, we took them to Clyde's Drive-in for a real American meal!

We finished our summer with a wonderful visit from our children, Kristen and her boyfriend Chris and our youngest Eric. I asked for meal suggestions and the only one I heard was cinnamon rolls from Kristen. They turned out great-the second time. The first batch was made in between going out for a run with my sister and somehow I forgot the yeast. That is one of those essential ingredients and I had to start over. But Kristen was very happy so it made it worth all the trouble of starting over.

They raise much better when they have yeast.

We had a great summer with wonderful memories. I'm glad to be home now having a quiet morning looking out over a corn field instead of the St. Marys River. There is beauty & peace here as well.


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