What Do We Do at the Cabin?

The US Coast Guard icebreaker Mackinaw heading up the river on Wednesday

Visiting with my Aunt Elsie with my parents

Music in the Park is a weekly concert at the Locks Park. Almost always a great time.

You may wonder what we do while we are at the Cabin. Although I often write about boatwatching, we do have many other activities that fill our days.

Visiting with friends and loved ones seems to be the number one focus of our days. For example, yesterday we started our day with our normal coffee with our neighbor Lodie. After that, we had a visit from my sister Kathy and my brother's grandson. We decided to take them out to lunch because Kathy had never been to Lockview-one of our favorite spots for whitefish. And every trip to Lockview requires a trip to Zak's. Zak's is an ice cream place on Portage Avenue a block from Lockview.

After Kathy and Scottie left, my niece Ashley stopped by. We took her out to Bay Mills to get fireworks for the 4th. We had to make a stop at a favorite coffee shop-Dancing Crane. I got a latte to enjoy with a book while Ashley and Tom shopped. They didn't shop long enough. Great way to spend an afternoon.

In the evening we picked up my parents and took them to Music in the Park. This weekly concert has a variety of music and it lots of fun. After the concert, we returned to my parent's home for coffee and treats. We finished up taking Kathy home and stopping to pick up a pizza. In all the activity, I forgot to make supper. So at 9 PM, Tom was hungry.

All in all, it was a great day. Nothing was accomplished in our yard but that doesn't matter a bit.


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