Time Flies

We have been here at the cabin almost two weeks. What have we done in that time? We don't spend all our time relaxing but we enjoy every second we are here.

Boat watching is a favorite activity. Here are two 1,000 footers out front.

Graham, our cat, does spend almost all her time relaxing. She goes from window to window to keep tabs on the goings on in our yard. I have to say that we haven't had any chipmunks in our attic so far so maybe her patrols are helping.

We did get to observe a lamprey release in the St. Marys River last week up close and personal. The sterilized males are released at spawning time to try and control the population. Lampreys are a big problem in the St. Marys River.

We continue to work on the fallen trees and also weeding the flower beds. I am looking for another way to control the weeds in my sea wall flower beds. Every year by the time we get here, the weeds have a big head start and I spend many days cleaning them out. I am thinking of covering a couple of the beds with landscape fabric and putting decorative rocks on top. Any suggestions out there on how to handle the problem?

Here is the flower bed that is half weeded. The grass is so difficult to remove.

Here is the sea wall after I finished weeding. The hostas grow well in the center section but not so well in other sections. The five sections challenge all my gardening knowledge. There are metal barrels buried in each section which makes cultivation difficult.

So please feel free to give me suggestions how to handle my gardening challenges. I certainly can't duplicate the beauty that God creates with the wildflowers.


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