A Day to Recuperate

After two longs days of driving, we spent yesterday getting settled and resting up. Our home here is quite comfortable but we headed out to Walmart to get groceries and a few supplies. The coffee pot provided with the house was a 4 cup model. Definitely not big enough to get us through a morning. We replaced it with a 12 cup model. That fits our style better.

We stocked up on groceries and then stopped and bought new walking shoes for Tom and I. We hope to do lots of walking while we are here.

In the evening, we stopped for a bowl of soup at Panera. Then we headed to Sebring International Raceway. It is the home of the 12 Hours of Sebring- a LeMans race to be held in two weeks. I hope to cover the race for insiderracingnews.com. There is already lots of activity there with the Jaguar team setting up. Maybe today we can get back to watch some testing.

On the way back into town from the track we saw some ball field lights. We followed them to a sports complex where there were 4 games of slow-pitch softball being played. So we watched a while and decided softball looks the same in Florida as it does in Michigan. The only difference is that there is no softball in Michigan in March. It was cool last night with a stiff wind. A man by us said, "Looks like winter has come back." But this isn't winter-only a cool spring night. It was over 60 degrees.

Another difference-Michigan softball fields don't have palm tress behind the backstop!


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