Blizzard of 2011

This had been a very easy winter up until this week. Tom and I are very happy about that. I drive many miles every day to the schools where I work. So I have really appreciated the good roads. Tom's job is to keep my car on the road and the drive way cleared.

For Christmas gifts this year for each other, we had remote car starters installed on our cars. After 25 years of attached garages, we were struggling getting used to walking out to a cold car across the driveway. We were thankful that we have a garage but the remote starters now mean that we get in a warm car. It has changed my attitude toward winter. Even at work, I simply start my car about 15 minutes before I leave for the day from the warmth of the school. The snow is cleared off when I trudge to the car and off I go warm and happy.

But this week we had a 'blizzard'. It actually worked up to a big storm but it came during the middle of the night and so we missed seeing the fury of God's handiwork. I always enjoy a good storm so I had to get up during the night to see it.

Tom's joy in a snow storm comes from cleaning up the white stuff afterwards with his great snow removal equipment. He did a great job too.
I was up during the night to appreciate the high wind and blowing snow. We received 16" of snow which resulted in two days of school closings.

The next morning, our neighbor came and plowed our driveway. I took warm cinnamon rolls over to them for the family-mom, dad and 7 kids!

Because a high pressure system followed the low pressure of the storm, we had a beautiful sunset.
Snow days have a joy for us with the luxury of not being able to travel anywhere and having to stay home. It feels like a gift to have hours at home but a responsibility to use the time wisely. Snow days come so seldom and I always want to make the best use of the time. So I baked, cleaned and did lots of paperwork for my job. However, I took time to read, nap and spend time with Tom. Great things to do any day whether there is snow or not.


  1. Glad you seem to be enjoying that weather!!! I sure would like to get in on some of those rolls!!! Yummy!! Take care and be careful!

  2. Thanks Cathy. There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread on a very snowy day!


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