January in Michigan

We had a logger come in and take some of the largest trees on our 60 acres and there were some amazing trees. It was sad to see them cut down but it is making room for the smaller trees to grow and mature. We also had many ash trees taken out because the emerald ash borer is just starting to ruin trees in this area.

Tom is examining the work of the loggers. We were happy with the way they were careful not to damage our fields or the trees that were left standing.

It was amazing to see the trucks of trees leaving and yet our woods still appear full without bare spots.

Tom and I had planned to head to Florida for the month of January this year but it didn't work out for us. So we are spending our January here in Alto. We are hoping to leave for Florida on February 26 and stay there until the end of March.

We have had an easy winter so far. I haven't had any snow days at school not even a 2 hour delay yet this year. It hasn't been the case for Jennifer in North Carolina. Her school for closed for an entire week from Jan. 10-14. Her school district does not build in snow days to their schedule, so they have to make up the 5 days on Saturdays. Starting yesterday. Jennifer had about 3/4 of her kids actually show up. That impresses me. Jennifer allowed them to bring in food and pop to try and make it a more fun day.

This morning it is -11 below here at the farm. I was just listening to the Sunday morning news and they were giving hints on how to stay warm and avoid frostbite. "Cover your hands and ears." I'm thinking that I don't need a newscaster to tell me to bundle up when going outdoors. This is Michigan and this is winter.


  1. You probably will have nicer weather in Florida by waiting, after all they were the only state without snow a while back!! It is hard to see big trees come down but in the end, it will be worth it....and all kinds of firewood!


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