Good morning dear readers. I know I haven't written in ages so I'll try to catch you up on what has been filling our days.

There have been lots of projects here at the farm. There was a huge tree behind one of our out buildings-the milk house-that was in danger of coming down because it was dying. We had a tree service take the tree down. It was a huge job that took them a long time.

Now we have lots of wood to cut up. We hope to donate much of it to a nearby needy family.

We have also installed new windows in the kitchen and bathroom. Next week the rest of the windows in the house are being replaced. Hopefully just in time before the snow arrives on Thanksgiving. We also had the plumbing updated and replaced the bathroom fixtures. Our neighbor, Travis Grummet, has done several projects for us including a new foundation for the garage. We then put a new garage door on. We had sidewalks laid at the back of the house, from the family room to the driveway and around the garage. This work keeps Tom very busy overseeing and making decisions. I just go to work. Every day when I get home there is an improvement and we joke about it but it is true. It has been things like a mercury vapor light repaired or a motion light on the front of the house but everything adds to our comfort and safety here.

We have had several fun get-togethers with friends and family. Here I am with my dear friend Sue Schmidt at her daughter Annie's wedding. It was a fairy tale affair.

In October the Benedict siblings met for a Sunday dinner. It was bittersweet to meet without Mom but her love still influences us daily.

Tom and I traveled to Kristen's and met up with Jennifer too. Kristen is now living in Canton Ohio so she is about half way between North Carolina and Michigan.

Eric and Jess came home for Jess' grandmother's funeral. It was a sad time but we were able to spend some time with them. Eric took time to give Jay a guitar lesson and Jess played with Anna.

We also all attended Jack's "Father and Son Soccer Game". Eric jumped in in the game too and got to relive some of the glory days of Rudy's Esso from life in Canada.

Our farm yielded a great crop of corn. We rent the land to Butch Nordhof but we really enjoy watching the crops growing. They picked the corn on October 20-just in time to get the field ready for deer hunting. We see deer out there daily and they even come right into our yard.

Tom and Tommy have been hunting all week. Both have had a shot at a buck but no venison yet. Maybe this weekend.

I have so much to be thankful for. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving and remember to "Count Your Blessings."


  1. You have been busy!!! That was a very large tree and there will be lots of wood for you to share (what a nice thing to do!). Keep us informed how the hunting goes!


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