Travel & the UP State Fair

We traveled back to the cabin on Monday. We passed through a pretty heavy thunderstorm just south of the Mackinac Bridge. The sky was clearing up as we drove over the Bridge and I took this photo of the sunset. When I looked to the east I saw a beautiful rainbow over Mackinac Island.

Yesterday we drove to Escanaba for the UP State Fair. Our good friends, the Bells, were showing their draft horses and we watched the various events all day. Plus we had time to explore the fair and eat some of the best fair food I have ever had.

This is Owen Bell, Arlen and Lovada's son, driving in the cart class. This Belgium horse did very well.
The Bells who were showing yesterday were Arlen & his brothers Don & Bob. Several of their children and grandchildren also took part. In this competition, there were 5 Bells in the ring at one time.
The State of Michigan is no longer funding fairs so the Michigan State Fair near Detroit is no longer. So the UP State Fair is Michigan's only state fair. We had a great time there spending time with lots of friends.


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