Our Cabin Days

Since returning to the cabin our days have been fun. Some have been busy and some are simply relaxing.

Thursday we took my mother and dad out to celebrate my dad's 82nd birthday. They are always a fun time.

Yesterday was our time to work in the yard between the rain storms. One benefit of working in the yard of the cabin is that you have a great view while working. Here I took a short break to watch the Paul R. Tregurtha, a 1,000 footer, pass down the river.

You can also see how well my flowers are doing in spite of the little care I give them.

Last night we went to the Bay Mills Boys and Girls Club to attend the Ping Pong Tournament. We didn't play but sponsored some friends in this fundraising event. My sister's EUP Learning Center has put a reading lab there and this event was to raise funds for that.

Susie & Roger both won their first round and ended up playing each other. That was fun because Susie is highly competitive and she hated eventually losing to Roger.

The rains did arrive last night. That was the second heavy rain we've had in that many days. Our yard is absolutely soggy and we won't be able to work in the yard today. There are puddles of standing water scattered all around.

We have to head downstate tomorrow. Although I am retired, I have re-entered the world of education. I am an instructional coach. In this position, I work in schools, directly with the teachers to increase student achievement. In essence, I help teachers find methods that will help the students do better. I am going to be working in two school districts, Hopkins Public Schools and Byron Center Public Schools.

We will be back at the farm on Sunday night. We now have a cat. Jen 'loaned' us her cat Graham to keep at the farm so I'm sure Graham is ready for us to be home. Graham is not a good traveler and gets very sick in the car so it is better to leave her at home. Graham has lived with us before and she fits into our lifestyle.


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