Hydrangea Tree

Here are some pictures of our flowers at the cabin right now. Some of these flowers, such as the lilies below, were planted by my grandmother and continue to bloom summer after summer with just a little care from me.Other, like these daylilies, were planted by me with help from my girls. These lilies came from a friend of Jennifer's. We went to his home and dug them up. They probably wondered what happened to them to be transplanted into the cold UP winters but they seem to thrive in spite of the cold and love the warm sunshine.

These flower beds are on the sea wall in the front yard and they offer a special challenge. The sea wall is actually metal barrels in the ground so planting can be difficult digging around the barrels. Weeds like to grow up the sides of the barrels which makes them hard to remove. Also not many perennials can survive the winter in this spot. I believe the ground gets colder in the sea wall than surrounding flower beds. I've gotten hosta from Pam Hackney which love the sea wall mostly in the shade side and tolerate this one which is much sunnier. Sherry, my daughter in law, helped me (did most of the work) to plant annuals around the hosta a few weeks ago. I'd also grown mint here in years before which are rather invasive in the long run so that had to be removed.
My hydrangea tree is my favorite of all. It was planted by my grandmother. She called it the hi-der-range instead of our hi drange-a. Several years ago it was broken off at the ground by a tree removal crew. I was heart-broken. But miraculously it regrew the following season and seems to have been helped by the severe 'pruning'. It came back heartier than before. This year it is blooming several weeks earlier than normal so I'm getting to enjoy it. Usually it is blooming just as we return downstate for school to start.

Isn't it gorgeous this year?


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