Bookstore, Coffee Shop & Waterfall Tour-Day 2

We started our day by driving from Munising to Marquette. Bonnie had to call on the bookstore at Northern Michigan University and then we went downtown. Marquette has wonderful shops and restaurants. We had lunch at Babycakes Muffin Company. Everything was tasty with a very interesting clientèle. We also returned to Snowbound Books because we enjoyed it so much last year.

On our way from Marquette to Houghton, we stopped at Canyon Falls. It was a great 10 minute hike from the park to the fall but it took us much longer because we kept stopping to enjoy the beauty.
Bonnie and I are going to rename our tour to the Bookstore, Coffee Shop and Waterfall Tour. We are finding the most beautiful waterfalls that are located very close to the highway.

The Sturgeon River flows rapidly through the woods and ends in a canyon. There are flat slate stones on the edges so you could get very close to the water and still feel very safe.

Further up the road was the Bishop Baraga Shrine in L'Anse. It wasn't the nicest drive back to it but it was an impressive statue. I bought a book on Bishop Baraga and I'm reading it tonight. He started 5 Catholic missions-one was in Sault Ste. Marie and another one in Grand Rapids. He was known as the Snowshoe Priest.
We ended our day in Houghton. We ate dinner at The Library Restaurant which actually used to be the library. Our table was overlooking the water and we enjoyed watching the residents boating by. We couldn't help but think that they have such a rough winter to look forward to each year so they must really take advantage of the warm summer evenings.


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