Vacation Draws to a Close

I thought I had better post some pictures of our campground. We found it on the internet and we have been very happy with our accommodations. The people who work here are very helpful with all the problems we've had along the way. This is our 'rig' with the truck and 5th wheel. The campground is very quiet and most of the other campers are older than us and returning from spending the winter somewhere south.

This is a shot of the laundry building taken from our site. It was clean and convenient.
America's Best Campground was just getting flowers planted and ready for spring. They had a rough winter here and even had some snow.

Yesterday we attended a show called Cassandre-Voice of an Angel. Cassandre has been singing in this area for years and really has an incredible voice. She was backed up by an orchestra that was really lovely. As with each show here, there was a tribute to veterans and a gospel song. In fact, Cassandre gave a great statement of her faith.

Today's job is to see the last sights we want to see because we are pulling out in the morning. We will try and get ready as much as possible today and then be ready to leave early Sunday. We expect and hope to be home early afternoon on Monday. Can't wait to see our family and friends.


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