RVing 101

Yesterday we drove around St. Louis and saw the Gateway Arch and the Mississippi River. Both impressive sights.

The Mississippi River with a barge and tug.

See the Gateway Arch off in the distance.

When gassing up our truck, we have to go where the big boys go.

We read all the information we could find but we weren't prepared for some things-like where do you gas up the rig. Our outfit is too big to just pull into regular gas pumps so it took us several tries to get a system that works. Here's what we've come up with. If you can give us some hints, we'd love to hear from you. When we first pull into a gas station or travel center, I get out and walk around and then return and tell Tom where to head. It beats driving around and trying to turn the big rig around with semis driving all over. This picture shows what we have to deal with when gassing up.

We had some difficulty getting set up in the campground. We have never had the 5th wheel out before so everything was new to us. But the staff here were very helpful and stayed with the project until we had water and even hot water. There was a check-valve that needed repair. Of course, the project drew a group of men who came to watch and/or give advice. We appreciated it. Here's Tom holding the light so the guys could check some things out.

We were this week's winners of show tickets here at the campground, so hopefully things are going to start looking up.


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