Monday in Branson

We spent yesterday morning attending the show we had won the tickets for. It was Ricky Boen and the Texas Mud. They are a Texas swing band, an old-fashioned kind of country and western music. While they were all good musicians, I'm not wild about that kind of music. There was lots in the show that kept it interesting though.The female singer also served as Ida Clare, the comedian, and she was truly funny. All the entertainment here so far has been very family friendly. Ida Clare kept us laughing with jokes for the whole family.

They also had Brooke Hale, a 12 year old girl, who could really belt out the country songs. At intermission, all the performers come out and socialize with the audience. Yesterday's audience was very small, only 18 of us, so we got to talk with all of them. I had to ask Brooke how she handled school because they had said she was an all A student who had been performing in Branson for 3 years. She goes to school for an hour in the morning. She attends her classes, gets the assignments for the classes she will miss. Then her aunt picks her up and drives her the half-hour to Branson. On the ride over, she works on school work. She then performs for the two hour show. Her aunt then drives her back to school and she finishes her day there. Quite a bit of dedication for a young person. She had a lovely voice and lots of stage presence.

The rest of our day was spent on errands. We had to get our spare tire for the 5th wheel replaced due to an unfortunate incident on the way out here. So we found a tire place and it will be ready today. We also had to fix the shower drain on the 5th wheel which took the better part of the afternoon.

We finally we able to get to our cribbage game. We try to play every day even though Tom is definitely a better player than I am. But I read a book, How to Win at Cribbage, so I"m getting better. I won the first game yesterday, Tom won the second. Normally that means we have to play a 3rd game, but the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Game was coming on so we will have to settle this cribbage game today. So if any of you has any tips for me in cribbage, I would appreciate them. I already learned from the book that a 4 is the best card to lead with!


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