First Day on the Road

Last November when we bought our 5th wheel, we knew it would be a long time before we got to use it. Yesterday was that long-awaited day. After days of preparation-mostly on Tom's part- we pulled out the driveway and hit the road. But there were a few glitches in our plan. The end of the story is we stayed in Holiday Inn Express last night and we'll start the RVing life today-hopefully.

To start with. I bought new bedding and opened it and was making up the bed before we left when I realized I had gotten the wrong size mattress pad. I know I had a queen size in my hand but I must have set it down and picked up a full-size. That wasn't a big obstacle but it was irritating. Then I found I had forgotten pillowcases. Both of these could be corrected with a quick stop at Kohl's but we never did find one.

Then, we didn't fill up the water tank before we left because the water is turned off at the farm where the 5th wheel spent the winter. Also we had never lit the furnace or water heater and Tom didn't want to do that when we were beat-tired at the end of a day-like we were last night.

Our trip yesterday was planned to avoid Chicago but it took us through the back roads of Indiana-windy, narrow 2 lane roads which were picturesque but hard driving our big rig. So we got to Crawfordsville, Indiana last night. The expressway is here and we'll jump on it this morning. We hope to be in Branson late this afternoon but we'll see. I can see that RVing life is an adventure and who knows what we'll face today.

After we enjoy the Smart Breakfast here at Holiday Inn Express.


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