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We have had a fun day and I've uploaded lots of pictures so I hope you aren't bored with them. But we started our day with a 10 AM show which was recommended to us by the people at our campground-ABC which stands for American's Best Campground. That's a story in itself because as we were driving here, I looked them up on my iPhone and found their address which I entered into our GPS. But by mistake, I had clicked on ABC Dolls and we ended up there. We were glad it wasn't our campground because it was right on the 'Strip' here in Branson but it made quite an adventure to get turned around there and then find our campground.

Anyway, the Clay Cooper Show was wonderful with singing, lots of dancing and comedy. Not just a country music show. Clay Cooper is a great entertainer and put on a fantastic, fun show. This is Clay. He came down into the audience during the show and asked lots of questions. He asked Tom about his shirt had the name of Eric's band-Danny Jack Fiasco. Clay asked about the band and where they were and the type of music they play. Tom said look them up on Youtube and he said he would.
The show included a guy who did rope tricks and did gun spinning. It sounds hokey but it really was fun.
The show included many impersonations including President Obama & George W. Bush. Here Clay is impersonating Hank Williams Jr.
The finale was a tribute to the United States and our dependence on God. Each show we've been to has a patriotic and Gospel music part to it. Very family friendly.
After the show we had lunch at a Belgian waffle restaurant run by real Belgiums. (Only in Branson). They were delicious. After lunch, we decided to head out on an adventure and found several interesting locations.

There is a lake here that has a dam and it really looks like a river to me. We stopped at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery and walked down to the 'lake' where there were several people fishing for trout .
The fish hatchery sits right next to the Table Rock Dam which you can see in the background here. It is a huge dam with the highway running over it.
This is the lake below the dam with the fishermen.
Here we are driving over the dam and this is the lake above the dam.
Here we are on the dam. It is maintained by the Corps of Engineers-the same group who run the Soo Locks. We tried to tell some people we met here about the Soo Locks but it just didn't make sense to them.

The last four pictures are from the College of the Ozarks which is located near Branson. We visited there because I had read about their museum but we didn't know about the Tractor Museum so that was an extra special treat.

This college is tuition-free but all students have to work on campus during the school year and then for a two 40 hour weeks during the year. They have a working farm and use the milk from the dairy cows for the campus food as well as a restaurant and motel they run.
The reason I wanted to go there was to see the car from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show. It was donated to the college by the creator of the Beverly Hillbillies. They had filmed the episodes of the show when they visited back home in Tennessee here in the Ozarks. Only on TV.

Lots of fun today and I lost the final game of yesterday's cribbage match which we had to finish today.


  1. I checked out the College of the Ozarks. I wish they had a Masters program!! What a great idea for a school.


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