Hoath Girls Weekend 2010

Every year the women in our family meet to celebrate my mom's birthday. We have met at different locations all around the state. This year was special because Mom turned 80 years old on March 18. We decided to meet in the Soo and celebrate there.

Tom & Sherry and the kids all went north so Tommy and the boys could stay with Grandpa while the girls were off having a ball. So I rode up north with them. I brought along lots of activities for the kids. Lots of school activities which they took very seriously. They said, "This is middle school work." I told them it was but they were so smart they could handle it and they did. We were learning about rivers of Michigan and they worked hard to observe rivers while we drove. Did you know there are over 300 rivers in Michigan? I would like to photograph them all. So if you have any river pictures, I would appreciate copies since I don't think I'll ever get to see all 300.

We arrived in the Soo and were able to spend a couple of hours at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids really like their little dog, Zoey.

The first event in Hoath Girls Weekend is always dinner together. This year we went to Mom's favorite restaurant-An-gios. Here is Kathy, Mom, Ashley and Areka, my brother's daughters, and sister-in-law Linda.
This side of the table is Kathy, great-niece Kamden, niece Karey, Kamden's mom, and my granddaughter Anna.
Going around the table left to right-Areka, Linda, Sherry, Madelynn, and my sister Susie.
Kathy & Mom
After dinner we went to a motel room that was very large and celebrated the birthday with opening presents,
and having cake.
Here are the oldest generations!
Our big event is playing bingo. We all bring prizes and the competition is intense for the good stuff. This year the good stuff was vanilla that Susie brought back from Mexico just for our bingo game.

After bingo, the young ones went swimming until almost midnight and the old folks had time for visiting and relaxing.

In the morning after a swim, we all went out for breakfast. We were joined by more Hoath girls. My aunt Linda Hoath Crimin, her granddaughter Jenna and daughter-in-law Brenda
In the afternoon, we got to see my nephew, Robbie who had just returned from checking his trap-lines.
Saturday evening, Tommy and Sherry, the boys and I went down to the river to welcome the first boat of the season. It was going to be the first boat of the season through the Locks on Sunday morning.
Sunday morning, we all got up early and went over to the Locks to watch the boat go through. There were lots of people as crazy as us and it was a memorable occasion. Last summer, Jack had asked if we could be at the Soo to see the first boat lock through and I was so happy that we were able to fulfill his wish.

This picture shows Jack & I on the observation deck on a very cold morning cheering for the Lee A. Tregurtha as she entered the Locks.

Opening Day at the Locks. Jack is right next to the lady holding the flag. It was 16 degrees on this early morning adventure.

It was a wonderful weekend with lifetime memories for all of us. What a blessing to have so much fun across the generations.


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