Dear Friends, I am sorry to have taken such a break from blogging. Our world was turned upside down on January 18 when our beloved mother passed away unexpectedly. Our family came together in such support and love that helped us each of those very difficult days. Our life now has a huge void in it and we are working to find out what normal will be now. I'm sure many of you know what we are experiencing.

I've kept very busy working. I'm at Hopkins Middle School between 2 and 3 days a week. My work there is primarily with the teachers but I really love the time I get into classes and work with students. This week I even got to help two special education students write book reviews. I'm on the Literacy Committee and one of our projects this year is to start a Book Review Club. The students receive free books in exchange for writing a review that will be published on line. We had funding for 12 students to join and on our first meeting, 80 students showed up. Whow! We didn't know how we would handle it but when it came to turning in their applications, the number reduced to 30. We were able to get more funding from generous parents and we are now getting the club going. A book club! I love it.

Yesterday our 7th graders were working with their 'book buddies'-4th grade students. The 7th graders were showing the 4th graders how to do a PowerPoint book report. The project was great for both groups.

Any blog that I write has to have reports on my grandchildren. They continue to be doing well and a joy to Tom and I. Last night we went to the TK highschool basketball game to see Jack's class sing the National Anthem.

Recently we were visiting and were treated to a show of tricks. Real fun!

But while visiting us here at the condo, the fun has to be a bit quieter. This picture of Jay was taken because it reminded us of what Grandpa does in that same chair. The kids are very computer savvy. I heard Jay ask if he could check ebay. The kids are what is being called 'digital natives' as opposed to 'digital immigrants' which our generation is. It makes a difference in thinking and reading styles and how we approach anything in print. Very interesting for me as a literacy person.

We made two trips in February. We traveled to the Soo on clean and dry roads. Here's a picture of our cabin. Didn't get in there. We stayed with my parents and found them in great health and doing well this winter.

Last weekend we drove to Minneapolis to visit Eric and Jess. Eric's band, Danny Jack Fiasco, was having a CD release party and we loved it.

My ankle is now healed and I'm back to running and walking on my regular schedule. That is a blessing. I'm hoping to be back in the River Bank Run in May and the Sault Race in September.


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