A 'Turn' in My Life

This week started like every other week. I meet Joyce, my sister-in-law, for running down Kettle Lake Drive. We've been doing that every Monday for years. On Wednesday we run in a different location. We run about 3 miles and we think it is a great way to start our day. But this week, I stepped in a pothole which I didn't see because of the dark. I twisted my ankle. At first, I thought it was just bruised but by Wednesday, the bruising and swelling convinced me to get it checked out. I have a small fracture and am now on crutches and keeping off my feet. This has really crimped my style. I did work yesterday but because I work in a school and visit many classrooms, I put many 'miles' on my crutches. Today I'm so sore that I can barely get around. The soreness is in my arms and shoulders and I'm bruised from the crutches too.

I see an orthopedic doctor on Monday and I hope I can get more mobile then. I am developing a new appreciation for people with mobility issues. It is exhausting to do every day activities and there are many things that I can't even begin to try. Luckily, Tom is home now from deer hunting and he's very willing to wait on me. So now I'm having hot coffee and fresh ice packs-just little things make a big difference.

It just took part of a second for my life to be changed and I'm having lots of trouble adjusting mentally to such limitations. But I'm sure God has some lessons to teach me. My friend, Marcia, told me this week. "Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!" Isn't that the truth!


  1. Since you are less mobile I'll be watching for a great deal more blogging and writing from you! I'll be praying for at least a walking cast for you! That will make things MUCH easier! So sorry for this 'crimp' in your life!


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