In the Sault for a While

We are back at the Cabin for an end of summer time. This picture below was taken in 1954 here at the cabin. I'm on the left, my sister Kathy is in the high chair and my grandma, Ma Erickson is on the right. So you can see, I have quite a history at this place. My grandparents build the cabin around 1950-the same year I was born. It has been a family favorite spot since then.

The following pictures were taken earlier in August when Tom was hard at work on the septic system. He was able to repair the existing drain field and so we didn't have to install an entirely new system which we feared was going to happen.

The day started with Tom digging to open up the septic tank so we could get it cleaned out. What the problem was much worse than that.

Our neighbor, Paul, was an expert who guided us through the whole process.

Here the man delivering the sand weighs in on the project giving Tom his opinion on how to proceed. Tom sought lots of advice for both this summer and next when we may be doing more renovations.
Tom dug out this stump as long as he had the excavator which he rented for a day.

The project is all done now and we just have to replant the grass on the south yard.

We were in Caledonia for two weeks for several projects there but hope to be here through Labor Day.


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