Fun in Sun & Rain

We took the kids to my sister's house on Lake Superior this weekend. Although the wind was blowing and the temperature was in the high 60's, they loved the water. Sherry took this picture later in the day as the sun was going down over the lake.

After the kids would swim for a while, they would come out and wrap up in towels to warm up. Once they were all dry, they headed back into the water. It must have been fun but that didn't seem fun to me.

Back at the cabin, the kids have been swimming, fishing and even water skiing. Jack, Jay and Madelynn were all successful getting up on skis.

We've spend time in the kitchen whipping up meals. Sherry brought several with her and we have enjoyed them. Here Anna and I are making cupcakes for lunch.


  1. Hi Tom and Brenda,

    I haven't stopped by here in awhile and so I'm really excited to see all the pictures of you and the family! Looks like you had a fantastic time with all the kids and grandkids this summer. I love seeing the big ships in the pics! I really miss being up there each summer! This makes the second summer in a row that we haven't been in the Soo! Loved the shots of the old water heater too!


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